• October 20, 2000, ¡PURO SLAM!, on Campus
  • October 21, 2000, ¡PURO SLAM!, at the Lotus Cup Cafe
  • November 17: Daniel Serrato and Chris Wise perform their uncompromising urban poetry. Ben Ortiz (the founder of ¡Puro Slam!) is the guest MC.
  • December 02: Robin Cartstensen and Tammy Inginson. Two incredible poets, and women, if you haven't noticed. It is Tammy's debut in front of the mic. Robin has already kicked some serious ass at the ¡Ballabajoomba Slam! and other places. If you like poetry with feminine sensitivity and edge, you are going to love this show.
  • December 16, The FINAL slam of the year: 'Roasted Wisewood' -- Chris Wise and guests perform starting 8:45. Subsequently, to celebrate his moving out of town, we'll roast him. ¡Ballabajoomba! Bring a suitable celebratory poem! (Poems in Chris's style and about Chris are especially welcome.)


  • January 26, 2001, Austin Slam Team on Campus and at the Lotus Cup Cafe
  • January 27, 2001, The Villagran Foundation Fund raiser at the Lotus Cup Cafe , featuring Austin Slam. Not to be missed!!! (They are the dudes who started this whole mess in Texas, and even if they are not them, we'll blame them anyway.)
  • January 27 -- Saturday:  an open mic hosted by Daniel Serrato in conjunction with The Villagran Foundation/ Fundraiser. Used clothes, goods and medical supplies etc. will be gathered for people in rural Mexico. Austin Slam Team will perform at about 9 p.m., between the sets of music.
    February 16 -- Friday 8:30-10 ¡Ballabajoomba Workshop!
  • February 23 -- Friday 9:00-10:45: ¡Ballabajoomba Slam!
  • April 27th -- Friday, Trigger Happyjacks on campus TAMU-CC , Center for the Arts 127. 6:30 reception, 7:00 local talent, 8:50 THJs show. Details here.
  • April 28th -- Saturday 8:30-9:00, Trigger Happyjacks at the Lotus Cup followed by ¡Ballabajoomba Slam! The Trigger Happyjacks is an internationally recognized performance group from Austin, Tx, that blends sketch comedy, song parodies, spoken-word, avant guarde performance, and alternative theater to achieve a post modern cabaret style affect, celebrate queer culture and face the issues that are important to our community.
  • May 11 -- 8:30-9:30 p.m. Ballabajoomba Workshop and Round Robin Open Mic
  • May 24 -- Spoken Word workshop with Matthew John Conley on the campus of TAMU-CC
  • May 25 -- 8:30-9:00 Matthew John Conley presents his stuff and then MCs Ballabajoomba Slam (9:00-11 p.m.) Matthew is a nationally known performer now living in Austin (he used to slam with Albuquerque Team). If you saw him a few months ago (performing with the Austin team), we know you don't want to miss this show. If you have not seen him yet, you don't want to miss this show.
  • June 22, Friday, Ron "Sweetie Pie" Horn. Ron is very popular in San Antonio area where he won several weekly slams. He is a unique performer who frequently SINGS his poems following a tradition of great black singers. He also doubles as a lead singer in soul/r&b groups. Come on down and check him out!


  • September 07, 2001, Friday: Open mic and Ballabajoomba Slam
  • September 29, Saturday: Open mic and Ballabajoomba Slam
  • October 12 (Friday), 7:15-9:45: Open Mic at the Rec Room in Miramar Appts of TAMUCC, to cellebrate Xicano literature. A featured poet is Daniel Solis from Albuquerque, New Mexico (more info about him here).
  • October 13, Saturday: Daniel Solis followed by Ballabajoomba Slam
  • November 09 , Friday, 7:30-9:45: Xenogia Spoken Word Collective on the campus of TAMU-CC -- CCH lounge (directions).
  • November 10, Saturday: Xenogia Spoken Word Collective at the Lotus Cup (followed by the Slam).
  • December 07, Friday: ¡Puro Slam! on the campus of TAMU-CC -- CCH lounge (directions).
  • December 08, Saturday: ¡Puro Slam! at the Lotus Cup followed by the slam
  • January 18, 2002 ,Friday: Dallas Poetry Slam, RANKED #1 IN THE NATION, on the campus of TAMU-CC, CCHall (lobby) (directions)
  • January 19, Saturday: Dallas Poetry Slam, at the Lotus Cup (followed by Ballabajoomba Slam)
  • January 30, Wednesday, starting 7:00p.m: SLAM DEMONSTRATION at the Parkdale Library (near Wateburger Headquarters. Ballabajoomba tries to reach High School students. Please come if you want to share your poetry. We may even have a mini-slam (if enough writers show up). Open to the public.
  • February 02, Saturday: Open mic and slam
  • February 15, Friday: Xenogia Spoken Word Collective on the campus of TAMU-CC -- CCH lounge. To cellebrate the Black History Month (directions).
  • February 16, Saturday: Xenogia Spoken Word Collective at the Lotus Cup (followed by the Slam).
  • March 05, Tuesday: Poetry reading and SLAM DEMONSTRATION at the Parkdale Library (1230 Carmel Pkwy; behind Southerlands Lumber; near Wateburger Headquarters).
  • March 08, Friday: Feature and the slam. Featured poets: Susan B. Anthony Somers-Willett and Genevieve Van Cleve.
  • March 09, Saturday: March 09, Ballabajoomba Poetry supports Revolutionary Afghan Women of Association (R.A.W.A.) Best Western Marina (Shoreline Blvd).
  • March 29, Friday: The double-bang Slam -- the first bang in Alice, TX. Featured poets Matthew John Conley (Austin) and Desdamona (Minneapolis).
  • March 30, Saturday: The double-bang Slam -- the second bang at the Lotus Cup. Featured poets Matthew John Conley (Austin) and Desdamona (Minneapolis).
  • April 12-13, THE SECOND DOUBLE BANG BALLABAJOOMBA SLAM Featured poets: Jason Edwards (Austin) and Rachel Cryer (Corpus)
    • April 12, Friday, Friday: The first bang Texas A&M University (Corpus Christi Hall); 6300 Ocean Dr., Corpus Christi, TX 78412; Sign up 6:45, feature 7:00, slam 7:30 p.m. Everyone signed up by 7:00 is guaranteed to have a slamming spot. The list of slammers is closed after 7:00 p.m as soon as 12 poets sign up.
    • April 13, Saturday, Lotus Cup; 505 Water St., Corpus Christi, TX 78401, (361) 883-9919. ; Sign-up 8:15 p.m.; feature 8:30 p.m., slam 9p.m. Everyone signed up by 8:30 is guaranteed to have a slamming spot. The list of slammers is closed after 8:30 as soon as 12 poets sign up.
    • No repetitions are allowed (poets slam with 6 original poems)
    • To win grand prize one must present a poem raising the AIDS awareness in the first slam, and another poem celebrating poetry in the second slam.
  • May 18, SLAMOFF to select the Ballabajoomba Team for Intergallactic, National, as well as Texan competitions. The poets must be ready to slam with 5 original poems. Robbie Sublett, Rachel Cryer, Ron Horne, and Stefan Sencer qualified for the first Ballabajoomba Team.
  • July 27, Saturday, three way scrimmage with San Antonio and Houston before all three teams travel to Dallas to compete in the Regionals (on the 28th of July).
  • July 28, Ballabajoomba participates in the Texas regionals
  • August 10, Second part of Texan Regionals (in San Antonio)
  • August 13-17, Ballabajoomba Team participates in the National Poetry Slam in Minneapolis, we are ranked #49.


  • September 20, 2002; Houston Slam Team (ranked #10 in the Nation) on Campus of TAMU-CC, Corpus Christi Hall (food court), 7:30 p.m, followed by a slam or/and open mic. (directions)
  • September 21, Houston Slam Team at the Lotus Cup, 9.00 p.m, followed by a slam
  • October 18, Ballabajoomba poetry celebrates Xicano literature; a featured poet is Danny Solis from Albuquerque, New Mexico. TAMU-CC, Corpus Christi Hall (lounge), 7:00 p.m, followed by a slam or/and open mic. (directions)
  • October 19, Danny Solis at the Lotus Cup, 9.00 p.m, followed by a slam.
  • November 15, 16, Jason "Shaggy" Gossard and Monique
  • December 6, 7, Dallas Slam Tam
  • January 11,12, Houston Slam Team on Campus and at the Lotus Cup
  • February, Ballabajoomba celebrates BLACK HISTORY MONTH featuring DETROIT POETRY ENSEMBLE (including members of the current Slam Champions Detroit Slam Team)
    • February 14, 7:00 p.m, on Campus (followed by a slam)
    • February 15, 8:45, Lotus Cup, followed by a slam
    • February 16, 4p.m Cafe Calypso/Half Price Bookstore (a "clean" family show)
  • March, Ballabajoomba celebrates INTERNATIONAL WOMEN MONTH, featuring two times Austin Slam Champion Genevieve Van Cleve and Christopher Lane (Arizona)
    • March 14 and15, 9 p.m., Art Gallery in the Center on Water
    • March 16, 4 p.m Cafe Calypso/Half Price Bookstore (a "clean" family show) , featuring Genevieve Van Cleve and Corpus Christi Poets
  • March 22, Open Slam
  • March 27, Open Slam
  • April 05, Open Slam
  • April 12, ??? (open Slam or 1st round of Slamoff)
  • April 18-19, Ballabajoomba celebrates POETRY MONTH, featuring THE CLASH OF THE TITANS, i.e., a head-to-head bout between Rives and Derrick Brown, followed by Big-Boomba Ballabajoomba


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